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Overview of all NeuroSIPE projects

Seventeen Phd and Post doc positions are available in a Dutch national research programme aimed to develop diagnostic tools for neurological disorders.

The NeuroSipe Programme is a sustainable community and cooperation among Dutch Universities, university medical centers, and companies, which aims to develop diagnostic tools for neurological disorders. The primary focus of NeuroSIPE will be on the neuromuscular system, the autonomous cardiovascular system, the thermoregulation system and the pain regulating system. The socio-economic impact of neurological disorders on society is huge, given the high incidence and prevalence. NeuroSIPE is unique in the sense that it focuses on a systems identification approach and not on a specific neurological disease or subsystem. This approach used across the NeuroSIPE programme will bring together technical and medical specialists from different fields and application domains, which will enhance cross-fertilization required for the necessary breakthroughs in neurophysiological assessment.

Within the NeuroSipe eight projects have been funded by the Dutch Technology foundation STW. For these projects we are looking for well qualified and enthusiastic technical/ clinical oriented PhD-students and post docs. The projects are listed below.

» Beyond Pain
» BATMAN (Thermo-vigilance)
» The Movement Diagnostic System
» Power Sensor

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